From Lara Pratt, Science Teacher, Australia

Dear Sir David,

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my Dad and I spending our weekends watching your documentaries. Our VHS copies of “The Trials of Life” were reduced to little more than scratchy segments after my favourite countless screenings of killer whales eating seals and watchmen gobies looking after their blind shrimp.

Your films have inspired me to pursue a degree in Environmental Science and share my passion for nature, and the marine environment in particular, in my current position as a science and marine studies teacher. “The Blue Planet” is a regular fixture in my classroom, and I love the looks of amazement on my students faces when  we watch my favourite episode on “The Deep” and they have a hard time believing the existence of the strange but wonderful creatures that inhabit the deep ocean.

There are not enough adjectives to describe how excited I am to see you in person in Sydney!


Thank you for your innovation and passion in presenting planet earth to the people.

Lara Pratt


Science Teacher

NSW, Australia

  1. Elisha Kennedy said:

    Dear Sir David Attenborough,
    Some of my fondest memories as a child have been spent sitting around the t.v. watching many of your documentaries and become ever more inspired to pursue a career in animal biology and conservation.

    It has been through your endeavour’s around the globe and your captivating animal reporting’s that I have found myself at the beginning of my zoological career, in hope that I can too make a difference in animal conservation, a mission that first starts at education.

    Many thanks for the passion you have shown, which has rubbed off to be truly inspiring.
    Elisha Kennedy

  2. Elisha Kennedy said:

    Sorry comment was meant to be delivered to main page

    • upulie said:

      Elisha, why not put it in a letter and send it to us? We’ll post it up!

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